Nepali School - A Snapshot

Once completion of each level, students will be able to accomplish following skills:

Level 1

Able to speak 100  Nepali words

Able to speak one Nepali sentence at a time

Can write few words in Nepali

Knows Ka to Gya

Knows Ka, Kaa, Ki, Kii.

Count 1 to 100

Knows short back ground of Nepal

Level 2

Able to speak 100 to 500 Nepali words

Able to speak few Nepali sentences at a time

Able to write few sentences in Nepali

Writes Ka to Gya

Writes Ka, Kaa, Ki, Kii.

Count 1 to 1000 in Nepali

Performs addition, subtraction in Nepali

Knows Nepal History and Geography

Level 3

Able to speak 1000+ Nepali words

Able to give a short speech in Nepali

Write an essay in Nepali

Knows Nepali Grammar

Knows Ka, Kaa, Ki, Kii.

Count 1000+ in Nepali

Performs addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in Nepali

Nepali Economics, international relations, etc.


  • Nepali reading PDF material (each level).
  • Nepali writing guide
  • Materials related to Nepali heritage 


  • Nepali music and Nepali rhymes.
  • Audio/visual document
  • Nepali learning games 
  • Nepali art and craft
  • Level 3 doing some volunteering to Level 1 children


  • Publish school schedule, assign spring break and holiday break
  • Content to be designed for English speaking children
  • Zoom classes, break out session for different level as needed and class room style meeting/activities as needed.

Learning Material



Music & Games

  Nepali Barnamala

 An ant and a bird


 Nepali Ka Kaa Ki Kii & 1, 2 3

 Daure ra bancharo

 Knowpali 1

 Hamro Serofero Class 1

 Fox and grape

 Ka, Kha Ga Song

  Hamro Serofero Class 2

 Thirsty Crow

 Nepali Counting Song

 Hamro Serofero Class 3

 A Lion and a mouse


 Nepali Tracing

 Fox and three pigs


Educational Video coming soon!

Note: Material posted here are for educational purpose only, please purchase from the publisher.

To enroll for online Nepali schools please contact: phone: 708-669-4661 (leave voicemail)